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SUN-MAR, NUMI OR TOTO? That is the question!

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We’re Talking Sexy High Efficiency Toilets (HET’s)

Not something from a Star Wars episode or sci-fi flick.


Todays technology affords us the luxury to combine comfort, style and be energy efficient and water wise even when choosing a toilet.  Toilets are also called: privy, latrine, water closet, or lavatory. Contrary to urban legend Sir Thomas Crapper did not invent the toilet.  Did you know King Minos of Crete had the first flushing water closet recorded in history and that was over 2800 years ago?  Chamber pots were used during the middle ages.  A chamber pot is a special metal or ceramic bowl that you used and then tossed the contents out (often out the window).  Ewwww!   More on the timeline of toilets, brushes and paper if you’re interest can be found here

I feel like a NUMI

Kohler’s most advanced toilet for those who can indulge in luxury.

Numi is very efficient and is Water Sense labeled.  You can buy it now at Home Depot at a starting point of ONLY $4,989.98. But look what it comes with.   WaterSense®-labeled toilets use at least 20% less water than standard 1.6-gallon toilets while still meeting strict flushing performance guidelines. NUMI is 1.28 gpf or 0.6 gpf.  Motion-Activated Cover and Seat – Advanced Bidet Functionality – Integrated Air Dryer – Deodorizer – Heated Seat – Foot Warmer – Illuminated Panels – Music – all with a slick remote control.  Check out the video and see for your self this sophisticated, automatic flush system and unprecedented water savings and power toilet.


TOTO too? 

SanaGloss  glaze minimizes debris, mold and bacteria from sticking to porous ceramic surfaces. F R E S H !

TOTO too, has a 1.28 gpf without sacrificing performance.  TOTO is the world’s largest plumbing products manufacturer from Japan.  They have a state of the art plant in Morrow, Georgia.  Their products are constructed and fine-tuned with computer precision and attention to detail.  Also is an EPA Water Sense Partner.

  • Dual-flush flushing system, low consumption (1.6GPF/6.0LPF & 0.9GPF/3.0LPF)
  • SanaGloss® ceramic glaze – prevents debris, mold from sticking to ceramic surfaces, leading to fewer chemicals and less water in cleaning
  • Universal Height
  • CalGreen compliant

Wall-hung toilet can be paired with TOTO in-wall tank system as well as others.  Worth a look and affordable price ranges.


SUN-MAR – from nature, back to nature

Composting Toilet, the most environmental, efficient toilet.  You’ve come a long way baby!

Sun-Mar Composting Toilet system for every situation.  Pools, cabanas, boats, cottages, camps, and yes, even homes!  They also have a Sun-Mar for every electrical situation – electric, non electric, or solar. One of the biggest concerns most people have is odor.  As well as ensuring an aerobic breakdown in the Bio-drum, Sun-Mar ensures an odor free environment by engineering the air flow within the unit to maintain a partial vacuum at all times. Air is being drawn in either by a fan (or on non-electric units by the vent chimney) over the evaporating chamber and up the vent stack. Not only does this evaporate excess liquid, but by continuously pulling air in we ensure no smell escapes from the unit.  No chemicals just peat moss bulking material.  Waste goes to fertilizing.  Definitely worth checking out Sun-Mar.  

Of course, using a composting toilet is a little different than using a conventional one, especially since you can’t just flush and forget. You won’t be flushing, though you can use toilet paper. Instead, after each use, you may sprinkle in some bulking agent or starter culture. Then you’re done! Depending on your system, you may need to aerate your humanure and of course you’ll need to empty it as part of the regular maintenance.  Just look as these examples of composting toilets, pretty stylish, don’t you think?

composting-toilet 2

Designers : Oscar González Muñoz and Cristián Corcuera Coutiño


Author: Katalin Szubota

Full Service Real Estate Professional in Southern CA, Riverside County specializing in Green, Energy Efficient Homes sales and purchases. EcoBroker Certified, LEED Green Associate, USGBC-IE chapter member Contact 818-439-8049.

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